Kleo's article on The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt appeared in the March 2013 edition of Prediction.  You will find a version of it on the Excerpts Page - http://page-925482607/

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Welcome to Gods and Goddesses for You

Gods and Goddesses for You:

This web-site is primarily to share inspiration about the Gods and Goddesses.

 Kleo writes books and articles on the Gods and Goddesses, retelling their stories - often with a different take on their inner meanings, exploring the ancient myths and legends to bring new light to these fascinating tales.  Enabling the reader to understand them in ways that make them very relevant to the modern world.  Also included are practical rituals, magic & spells, meditations and visualisations.

 Her books are a must have for those with an interest in the New Age and New Age literature, alternative beliefs, ancient worship reworked for the modern world, and those whose hearts follow a pagan path.  It will also appeal to those who have an interest in magic and meditation, visualisation and path workings, ritual and ceremonies.

 Workshops and talks on getting to know the Gods and Goddesses are also available.


A month by month workbook by Kleo

 Coming soon, this book is currently being written. 

This website will feature various excerpts from Kleo's writings, that may or may not be included in the above book, but will certainly appear in subsequent ones.

 It is to share inspiration about the goddesses and gods.

This book is the first of a series, watch this space!

God Janus - God of Beginnings




In the eye of time, beyond the limits of the spinning days and nights,
Dwells Janus.

Janus, the Ancient One.
Lord of the Old and all that has ended.
God of Beginnings and Lord of the New. 

The double king, twice-named, twice-honoured, twice-called.
Janus.  Lord Janus.

Who separates time, its cycles and spirals? 
Who unites and completes its circles and curves?
Why, ‘tis laurel-crowned Janus, so handsome and wise!

Hidden, unseen.
A mystery glimpsed, and slightly revealed.
Lord of the infinite space that exists in the moment between.

Endings old, beginnings new, merge, join as one, or is it two?
Paths lead from, but all return, to this eternal point of change.

Here is the place of the God
Here dwells Janus!


Photo courtesy of Tony Carter/Words - Kleo

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