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The workshop on Saturday September 22nd was a delightful event enjoyed by all.

 We worked with the energy of the autum equinox still point of the year in order to contemplate, clear, heal, and renew ourselves.

 We honoured many Goddesses during the day, including Egyptian Goddess Maat, Lady of Balance, Goddess Hygeia for healing and recovery and her father God Asclepius, Goddess Metis for the wisdom to help us to process what had gone before and to bring her wisdom to bear on our circumstances.  Goddess Labrys from Ancient Crete to help us cut ties that were holding us back. Goddess Demeter to celebrate the season.  Goddess Hathor to bring us into a place of joy.  Goddess Nike and Goddess Fortuna were of course an important part of our day too, as always.  We also honoured God Ganesha, as it was the time of an important festival to him.  

A joy filled day that filled us all with hope and optimism for our futures!

Please look at the picture show below to see photos of our lovely altar and our basket of offerings to Demeter.