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Visualisation to Goddess Nike - Goddess of Success - Goddess Victoria

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  With the Olympic Games about to take place in London, it seems especially appropriate to take the opportunity to write a piece about Nike, the Goddess (or Daimon) of Success, and also conversely of failure or of not achieving your hoped for successes. Nike is the one who decides who will be the victor, hence she also has a hand in deciding who will not be successful. It is therefore of great importance when seeking success in your various projects and endeavours to make every effort to draw Nike’s attention to you in a positive and beneficial way.

  Her sphere of influence is over all forms of competition, and any situation where there are others aspiring to the same reward. Hence, her blessings can help you both in the commercial and business world with your career, and also in your private life with any projects or competitive pursuits that you are engaged in.

  Nike is portrayed with large shining white-feathered wings; she is a striking figure, with lightly defined musculature and a bold stance, a beautiful woman with great strength. She knows who she is and what she wants, and she is a potent goddess for the modern independent (or would-be independent) woman.

  She is sometimes depicted driving a chariot, controlling powerful horses with ease and skill. Ancient stories tell us that she was Zeus’s charioteer especially when he engaged in victorious battle. This is a powerful image that we can harness for use in modern life by using a visualisation as follows:

  Make sure you are comfortable and will not be disturbed for a short while. Close your eyes and relax. Visualise that you are outside under a clear blue sky, the sun is shining and you are standing on a wide pathway with green verges to both sides and hedges beyond. You realise that you can hear the sound of horses’ hooves a long way away. The sound draws your attention as it is becoming louder and louder. They must be travelling really fast as they are getting louder by the second. And in a flash of shining white and gold, and a flurry of speed and activity, the sound of pulsing hooves comes to an abrupt standstill. You look up and see a golden chariot has stopped by your side and some steps have been pushed down for you to climb up. Once you have climbed up and are seated you see Nike in her great splendour, for this is her chariot. She welcomes you and invites you to ride with her and she will take you on a journey of success and victory. All you have to do is say where you want to go, and what you want to achieve.

  Take a few moments to visualise your own personal goals and see yourself being more successful than you have ever previously imagined. Now enjoy the ride as Nike takes you on a journey, giving you counsel as to how to achieve your aims throughout. She points things out as you pass them that will be valuable symbols to help you at key points in your future. After a while the chariot returns to the quiet sunny lane and stops once more. You thank Nike, for she has shown you that all is possible and that you can achieve your goals. You leave the chariot knowing that Nike is on your side and has shown you the pathways to success. Watch her chariot take to the road again; it’s gone as swiftly as it came. Now take a few moments to realise you are back in your own room once more. Very gently move your fingers and toes. Take a few deep breaths and be back in the here and now.

  And remember, Nike is on your side now, so its time to ‘go for gold’ and make that impossible dream, possible!