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Review of Goddess Enchantment Workshop - Imbolc 2012

published in Psychic Oracle Issue 2 - online magazine

‘Goddess Enchantment’ regularly runs Goddess workshops which are facilitated and led by Carrie and Kleo.  Our overall aim is to celebrate the Goddesses and to enable a day of magic and mystery for all participants.

 Our last Goddess Workshop was held on Saturday 4th February.  The main focus of the day was on the Imbolc Festival and the burgeoning energies of the first signs of the birth of spring.

 The day included visualisations, activities to connect with the Goddesses, card readings, an Oracle and a Grand Ritual, and the chance to spend time with like-minded people.

 The primary Goddess of the Workshop Day was Brigid of the copper red hair, for this is her special time of year.  Brigid is the Goddess who walks through the snow and in her footsteps the snow melts and snowdrops and crocuses spring up and bloom.  Her footfall awakens them and calls them forth to remind us that spring is returning to bless the land.

 During the day, as we concentrated on our various issues and inspirations we became aware of other goddesses that were particularly relevant to us individually, so we put them on the altar as well.  By the evening and the time of our Grand Ritual the altar was full.

 On our altar Brigid took the central place, and joining her were the Goddesses Nike, Astarte, Hecate, Bast, Maat, Fortuna and Hathor.

The Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast was brought in early on because it was important to ask for healing for a beloved cat, who needed calm to relax, de-stress and heal.  However she was a very relevant Goddess for several of us because of her associations with joy and happiness, which was something that we all hoped to be gifted with.

 Goddess Astarte came to our awareness as she turned up during one of the multi-card readings of the day.  To honour her she was placed on the altar too.

 Nike is the Lady of Victory and she was brought in to bless all our endeavours with success.  She offers the crown of rewards for labours well-spent and her special gift is to support the development of projects, and bring them to successful manifestation in the world.

 Hecate of the Three Ways was brought in to shed light on complex situations that had been brought to light by the readings, and to give guidance on the best way forward. 

 Lady Fortuna is a popular Goddess with everyone, so we asked her for her blessings of good fortune.  She is a Goddess who works in harmony with all the other deities and adds that extra element of luck.

 Bright Hathor joined the throng to give her gifts of love and healing.  Her energies harmonise beautifully with those of Bast and together they grant great happiness and contentment.

 During the day we all made a Brigid Cross with corn stalks gathered from last year’s harvest.  The stalks still had their abundant ears upon them and we decided to retain these as a symbol of fruitful harvests we hoped to gather in the future.  These we took home with us to place on our personal altars.

 A real highlight of the day was the Oracle.  Goddess Brigid was invited through invocation to enter and inspire her priestess with words of divine wisdom and to guide those who sought her in her candle-lit sanctuary.

 We all felt the manifestation of Brigid’s magic when, during the

Oracle invocation we saw snow had begun to fall outside.  Snowflakes caressed the waiting world, ready for the goddess to take her walk across the land and leave her springtime footprints behind.

 The day wound up with a glorious Grand Ritual where all the goddesses here mentioned were honoured, and offerings given to them of champagne, sweet cherries and chocolates.  The Goddesses were asked to grant their blessings to us and candles were lit for individual special requests.

 Then with many thanks and much celebration our Goddess Workshop ended, leaving us all feeling elated and refreshed.  We just couldn’t resist going out into the fresh snow to make our own footprints and to feel the soft flakes landing upon our faces like kisses from the loving Mother Goddess.