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The ancient land of Egypt speaks to many of us today. It is a
place of forgotten mysteries and the guardian of many spiritual secrets and ancient knowledge. Egypt was home to many gods and goddesses – all are powerful, all unique, all have something to offer us, and all are deserving of being acknowledged and honoured in the modern world. Slowly, slowly they awaken into our awareness once again, transforming themselves to take a place in the modern age. If you feel drawn towards the gods and goddesses of Egypt, then perhaps its time to start working with them in a magical way.

 The gods and goddesses of ancient times have never really gone away. It is simply that as times and beliefs changed, we lost our connections to them. Now, as we have become more
open to many spiritual paths, it is possible to create our own eclectic spiritual journey, and for many of us, working with the gods and goddesses is a fulfilling and joyful path.

 The Egyptian gods and goddesses are welcoming and very accessible. This makes them easy to contact, and once we have made a meaningful connection, we can work with them to improve our lives. Each of them has a very different nature and is able to help us in specific areas.

 Ancient Egypt was blessed with hundreds of deities and it is not possible to look at all of them here. This guide gives you an overview of some of the most popular gods and goddesses and aims to help you to start working with them. 

T he most well-known and universal goddess to come out of Egypt is Isis. She is depicted as a beautiful woman, often shown with outstretched wings. She is the eternal mother, the good goddess who cares for us. She is kind, gentle, and understanding. She is the bringer of happiness into our
lives. Isis is the mistress of her own destiny, and she is the one that made it so. A goddess of magic and healing, she is clever and capable and you can turn to her for help at any time and with any problem. Her wisdom knows no bounds, and she can often guide you to a solution to what previously seemed to be an insoluble problem. Love, devotion and loyalty are her essential nature. The colour associated with her is cornflower blue.


The god Osiris was brother and husband to Isis. Isis and Osiris loved each other deeply. Sadly, Isis lost her beloved when Osiris was betrayed and murdered by his jealous brother Set. Yet because Osiris was a god he could not really die, but instead became the ruler of the world beneath.   Osiris is the god of the fertile earth. He is the great benefactor and the bringer of civilisation. He rules the fertility of the crops and the greening earth of spring and summer. Osiris can bring you a great harvest, and this can apply to any area that you have put work and energy into. He brings you the right and just rewards of all your efforts. He is also the lord of the underworld and ruler of the dearly departed. If you wish to talk to someone who has passed away, ask Osiris to allow him or her to visit you in a dream, or, if that seems too scary, you could ask Osiris to pass a message between you. The colour that Osiris favours is green, and particularly the vibrant greens of springtime.


Hathor is another well-loved and well-known Egyptian goddess. She is usually depicted as a slender woman
who is fair of face, and is sometimes shown as a pretty cow goddess. She is crowned with the sun disk embraced
within paired horns. Hathor is the ‘Golden One’. She is the goddess of love and passion, of charisma and beauty. She
gives the excitement of flirtation, the thrill of fulfilment, the joy of deepening and lasting love. She can throw her golden veil of attraction around you and bless you with her charm and
fascination. Invite her to help you with matters of the heart, for in these things she has especial power. Hathor can also help you to heal a broken heart. She can show you your heart’s desires in your dreams and meditations. She loves the sounds of bells and shakers and her favourite colour is


Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris. He is a god of
the sky and is usually depicted as a hawk headed man, but sometimes in his full hawk form. He is a powerful ally to have
on your side. He is a strong and purposeful god who will help you to achieve your goals and fulfil your potential. Horus will push you to be all you can be, and more besides. He will
never let you lose your focus, as he can see all. He will help you to see the overview and to understand all sides of any situation, and the likely results of your actions. Horus gives determination and perseverance and the strength to follow through on what you have started. He also gives the clarity to help you recognise when you have made an incorrect choice, and the braveness to change your course, if it will lead to a better path for you. He gives you presence and dignity, and when Horus is with you people will always listen to what you have to say. Horus enjoys the colour yellow-gold.


Sekhmet is a
lioness goddess, the daughter of the sun god, Ra. She is depicted as a young woman with the
head of a lion. She wears the sun’s disk
as her crown. Sekhmet is power and
energy incarnate, and these are her blessings. 
She gives courage and strength and is the dynamic will to take action
and to win through regardless. She is a
powerful protectress in all times of strife or danger, or even when you are
simply feeling vulnerable or uncertain of your ground. She will keep you safe in all areas of life,
both physical and spiritual. She can
heal and will protect you when illness is all around. She will help you to be true to yourself and
to maintain your own views and beliefs when others around you try to influence
you and change your mind. Sekhmet’s
colour is red.


The god Ptah is always portrayed in human form, wearing a close
fitting cap and robe. He is the husband
and consort of Sekhmet. Ptah is a
creator god, and a skilled artisan and craftsman. His is the creative passion and the
inspiration of the artist’s soul. He
gives the skill and the ability to create. 
He is not only the artist, but also the inventor, and thus he is the
giver of inspiring ideas, and inventions, and the developer of new techniques
that help you move your life and work forward. 
He will help you to take a vision inspired by the heart, temper it
through thought, and then bring it into manifestation in the world. He is the dreamer and scientist, artist and
artificer all rolled into one. When you
need to be creative, Ptah is the god to work with, whether it be as the
idealist or the technician, he can help you. 
His working colour is orange.


Maat is the
goddess of the balance. She is depicted
in human form and wears an ostrich feather headdress-crown. She is the bringer of inner peace and
harmony. She is the goddess of truth, of
fairness, of honesty, integrity, and justice. 
Ask her to help you on all occasions when you need these blessings in
your life, and in all things that need good judgement and true and fair
results, including legal matters.   If
you have been waiting for a long time for something to happen, Maat can tip the
scales to bring it to pass sooner rather than later, but make sure that what
you are asking for is fair and true, because then it is complementary to her
essential nature. Her special time is
dawn and dusk, when day and night are in balance. These are the best times to work your magic
with her help. Her colours are deep blue
and silver.


Thoth is the
god of communication, writing and knowledge. 
He is shown as an ibis headed man and wears a crown incorporating the
full moon held in the arms of the crescent moon. Sometimes considered the husband or consort
of Maat, call upon him to help you when you need to speak well, or convey your
thoughts with great clarity. He will
help you with any writing, learning or research. He can improve your ability to process and
integrate knowledge and turn it into wisdom. 
He can enhance your memory and help with instant recall of needed information. His is the gift of words and language and he
will help in all things to do with communication. His colours are purple, and
pale gold.


Bast is
another well beloved goddess of Egypt. 
She is the cat goddess, and is shown either as a cat headed woman, or as
a full cat. She is the bringer of the
lust for life, the ‘joie de vivre’ that we all need to live our lives to
the full. She represents joy and fun,
hilarity and partying. Ask for her help
to bring more enjoyment into your life. 
She brings healing from past sorrow with her, and will always give you a
lift when you are feeling down. 
Depression disappears when Bast is with you! She is also a powerful protectress on the
psychic levels. Her colours are pinks to


To start working with the
gods and goddesses you first need to connect with them and to create a bridge
of communication between you.


You can do this by finding a
picture or statue of the deity you want to work with, and placing it somewhere
you will see it every day. Spend
approximately fifteen to thirty minutes each day focusing on getting to know
your chosen god or goddess, and building up your relationship with them.


Light a candle to them, and
place it in front of their picture or statue. 
Choose a candle in the colour that is most associated with them, but if
that is not possible use a white candle. 
Make sure that the candle is safely situated throughout your meditative


Sit peacefully in front of
your candle and picture or statue, letting your mind wander, exploring the
appearance, symbolism and essential nature of the god or goddess.  You can let your eyes rest on the god or
goddess, or close your eyes if you prefer, whilst holding an image of them in
your mind.


After a while ask if they
would be prepared to work with you? 
Invite them to draw close to you and ask for any help you would like
them to give you, explaining what it is that you wish to change, develop or
improve. Then imagine them coming
towards you. Gradually feel them
approaching closer and closer, until you can sense their presence immediately
in front of you. Look up at them and see
them smile at you. See them stretch out
their hand to you and feel them blessing you. 
Wait patiently and they will give you some words or pictures or put an
idea into your head. Then, after a
while, see them withdrawing back into their own world.


Now it is time for you to
bring yourself back into your own world. 
Open your eyes. Stretch. Be fully returned and back in the present; safe
in the knowledge that the connection has been made, and that from this moment
on, the goddess or god will be helping you in your life.   When the time comes to blow out the candle
send the light to the god or goddess and thank them for their help.  




Kleo Kay offers workshops,
writes articles and books, teaches, and takes research commissions, about the
gods and goddesses and the ancient world. 
She is currently writing her ‘Gods and Goddesses For You’ series. She is also working on various other projects
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