Kleo's article on The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt appeared in the March 2013 edition of Prediction.  You will find a version of it on the Excerpts Page - http://page-925482607/

Up and Coming Workshops

Goddess Workshops

led by Kleo

in East Anglia

if you are keen to participate in a workshop

please contact Kleo to discuss.


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Services Available

Articles and Books - on Gods and Goddesses & all things esoteric. Ancient World mysteries and magic.

Research - Gods and Goddesses and all things esoteric. Ancient World magic & mysteries.

Ritual and Ceremony Creation - Created for you and incorporating your aims and intentions

Mentoring and/or Counselling. Intuitive & Psychic Guidance, - helping you to move forward on your personal path and journey of development.

Tuition - tailored to your interests. To help you develop your understanding of the Gods and Goddesses, spiritual development, magic and mysteries, both ancient and modern.

Talks and Workshops - learn about the Goddesses and Gods and how to connect with them.

Talks and Workshops - learn about Colour and Crystal Therapy, and how to work with them.

Talks and Workshops - learn about Healing in the Aura and how to work with the Aura with Crystals and Colour


 Please contact me with details of your requirements.

I reserve the right to accept or decline any project or assignment offered.

All costs and fees are calculated in relation to the amount of work of the particular assignment.