Kleo's article on The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt appeared in the March 2013 edition of Prediction.  You will find a version of it on the Excerpts Page - http://page-925482607/

Up and Coming Workshops

Goddess Workshops

led by Carrie and Kleo

in North London

if you are keen to participate in a workshop

please contact Kleo to discuss.


Details of all above on

Workshop Dates page 



Venue: London Workshops

Workshops to learn about the Goddesses and how to connect with them.  

Half day workshops - for small groups of up to four people, or individual tuition sessions.  

Run regularly, for beginners, one off workshops, or run on an ongoing basis if participants wish to develop their knowledge.  Led by Kleo in West London.

 Upcoming dates: 

  •  To be announced shortly - 10.00 - 1.00
  •  To be announced shortly - 10.00 - 1.00

Workshop cost: £25.00 - Booking essential.

Individual sessions: 2 hours - £70.00


GODDESS WORKSHOPS: Led by Kleo and Carrie, in Highgate, London.

 12.00 midday - 7.00p.m. - - £90 - concessions available on request. 

Upcoming Dates:  To be announced -  a date near the Winter Solstice &/or Imbolc